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Dear Kanye

Dear @KanyeWest, Stop F*cking Ranting Last night, I was prepared and ready for a Kanye West concert at the SAP Center in San Jose. I love Kanye West’s music and I think the man is a genius when it comes to it. Always evolving and changing his sound. I knew his history of rants but knew he slowly stopped doing them, especially on “The Life of Pablo” Tour. And oh boy, was I in for a treat! A horrible, fucking treat. Let me paint the picture for you. 9 p.m. rolls around and that was the time the concert was supposed to start. I know the routine though. Artists usually never start their shows on time. I’m completely cool with that. 9:30 rolls around and still, the show hasn’t started. 9:45 rolls around and security tightens up and the show started shortly after that. Kanye, being the amazing artist he is, kills it for about 3-5 songs and then that’s when something in Kanye’s brain clicked and he decided to start ranting. From talking about the hats that he had on stage with him that promoted fellow artist to him using the floating stage. He just wanted to let other artist know that if they use his ideas, expand on it and be different. I still have no clue what the hats were for. Kanye then went back to performing about one song and the intro to another when he decided to go back to ranting. But he said it wasn’t ranting, so I don’t know what we should actually call it. But this is where I’ll “steal” his idea in the long run. He wanted us, the fans who shelled out a good amount of money, to know that the stage and the arena was his platform so he could talk all he wanted. I didn’t pay for a ticket to get disrespected Kanye. But then the amazing transition took place! In came the politics and bullshit. We just spent the past few months talking politics and watching the events of Donald Trump becoming our next President. I didn’t come for this. I came to this concert to escape that world and arguments that everyone has been having for the past several weeks. But nope, Kanye wanted to make sure that was the focus point of an hour and a half rant and non-performance by himself. I don’t mind a rant but only a small rant. Kanye wanted to make the focus of his show his political stance and how he sees things happening. He wanted us to know Trump supporters were in the crowd, and also one on the stage. Yeah, surprise! If Kanye voted, which he didn’t, he would have voted for Donald Trump. This rant went on for the entire show (that I was present for) while we had interludes of thirty seconds to a minute of Kanye West songs. While he went on this rant, he also told us that we only clapped because he put it in our minds to clap for him. But really we were clapping because we thought he was going to actually perform again. Which he didn’t. Why would he do such a thing like perform when he could just rant in front of a sold out crowd. Here is my use of my platform now Mr. West. While you would like us to think that since it is your stage, your concept of a floating stage, you can rant during your entire show. You’re correct, you really are. But you shouldn’t. I, plus many others that were in attendance, walked out between 11pm and midnight. You ranting for an hour and a half but not actually performing caused me to walk out. I have never walked out on an event in my entire life. I like getting my money’s worth. Why would I walk out when I paid a hundred dollars for my ticket. I had great seats to see one of my favorite artists perform. I was highly disappointed. You are a helping hand in the reason why people turn away from seeing Hip-Hop and Rap artist live. If I wanted to see someone talk for that long, I’d go to my local college and sit in a class. I came to your concert to escape the real world and to get away from the stress. I couldn’t though. You barely performed. You wanted to talk instead and let us know why or who you voted for and why you had four different hats on stage with you. I have been entertained by underground artist, who I’ve never heard about before, better then you. That’s a disappointment. I’ll probably never pay to see you live again. That doesn’t hurt you or your pockets. This isn’t about that. It’s about you ranting and ruining an environment that is for escaping the real world and stress. It’s about you ruining your own legacy because your ranting has more of the spotlight then your actual performance. Stop the ranting and hurting your legacy. Sincerely, a fan.


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