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#FLAVOR - Kris Kasanova & Young Roc

Everyone knows "good taste is where it begins," but you can't taste anything without #flavor.

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Kris Kasanova - "Weary" feat. Solange

Tasteful Bar:

this is for you swag surfers/ who ride tides, but never know what's below the surface

"I feel like n****s are so quick to be someone else and don't realize the person that they want to be, wants to be someone else." - Kris Kasanova


"If I had to describe this track in flavors I'd say it's like a pound cake... because it might not be everyone's favorite... or extravagant or extra, but it's still OD good. Especially if you're going through something like this. We all can relate to family or friends not being real."


Young Roc - "UPP" feat. 6aamm

Tasteful Bar:

and that b***h so thick slim chance that I ever fall in love

"That's probably the most clever line in the song, since the song was mostly swag and great rhythmic melodies." - Young Roc


"This song is definitely a tropical blend. I'm talking about all kinds of exotic fruits: strawberries, pineapples, bananas, kiwi, green grapes, mango... I'm talking every single flavor possible to make the big tropical dream flavor. This song is the listener's perfect vacation from all of the mediocre music that's out there being forced on them."

Produced by Shake & Yan Snead, #Flavor, Dinnerland Network


Good taste is where it begins. 

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