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#FLAVOR - Brix Anna & Pet;wolf

Everyone knows "good taste is where it begins," but you can't taste anything without #flavor.

Check out the picks of the week...


Brix Anna - "Bedroom Eyes" feat. Wordplay

Tasteful bar:

tongue shots like a sniper, cause I aim to please

"He's referring to the act of oral sex... The reason why I'm so proud of it is that although some of the lyrics are raunchy from both of us, it's executed in a way that is still so smooth. It's like how you would want to feel while having a sexual conversation with someone: straightforward yet poetic." - brix anna


"I can't help but to think about chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries are sexy... romantic. The actual flavor of it though is multiple things; smooth like the chocolate, yet refreshing like the strawberry."


Pet;wolf - "Dance with the Devil"

Tasteful Bar:

whether you're Autistic on the spectrum/ the constant hatred does not affect them

"People dealing with any type of developmental struggle or mental health struggle do not sit around and worry about nonsense like politics or fighting for power. They only see who is nice and who is not. Who is there for them and who is not. They focus on things they love and things that help them cope. There is something beautiful about their minds and their expressions that I think everyone can learn from." - Pet;wolf


"The flavor of the track would be black licorice. It is not overly consumed, it is dark, it has a unique and very specific flavor. During my life, I have been one of the only people I know that actually likes black licorice. Most people are into fuckin' skittles, sour patch kids, snickers... etc. But there is a certain group of people that really fuck with black licorice. My music isn't going to be digestible by the majority because you will not catch me talking about how 'lit' I am; there will always be substance and a message among the melody and bars. The people who get it, get it. "

Produced by IFYOURELOST & Yan Snead, #Flavor, Dinner Land Network


Good taste is where it begins. 

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