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#FLAVOR - Committee Music, Zak Rizzo & Message from Tomorrow

Everyone knows "good taste is where it begins," but you can't taste anything without #flavor.

Check out the picks of the week...


Committee Music - "position" ft. franky hill, m.i.c., k korleone & ant clemons

Tasteful bar:

I use to go to you just for advice, I told you all my problems and it backfired

"This lyric best describes the reason the song was created. It came from a place of honesty, and simply states how one friendship turned relationship was completely ruined because of too much honesty early on in the friendship." - The Committee


"Red Velvet Tiramisu. The Committee feels as though this is a song we wouldn't usually make, yet this is the type of song that we feel is very common right now. We feel as though we make timeless music; more or less classics. We felt like Tiramisu is a classic but the red velvet brings it up to speed to fulfill the need for rare and exotic taste these days."


Zak rizzo - "moves" (big sean- freestyle)

Tasteful Bar:

I'm not one to test, a lot of dudes are getting nervous and I got 'em stressed / They dont wanna lose or die an honest death, I was gonna let it stand but I'll make 'em lie instead

"The rhyme scheme and double entendre make this line stand out to me. The use of the internal rhymes 'dude' and 'lose' compliment the main scheme of 'got em stressed... honest death... lie instead". The double entendre on 'lie instead' may need some explanation, but that/s why I like it so much. It provokes thought. I wrote the line so it can be interpreted as either lie (like on your back) or to speak dishonestly. This plays off of 'let it stand' and 'honest death'.- Zak Rizzo


"'Moves' has a sweet taste. The type of sweet you can't get enough of and have to keep going back for more. With the multiple flow switches, rhyme schemes and punchlines, the song establishes replay value like no other."


Tasteful Bar:

Mascara running looks like you've been crying/ baby you're a masterpiece, you're my Mona Lisa

"This is my favorite part of the song because it describes the moment when you've ruined her makeup and her hair, and she's still PERFECT." - Message from Tomorrow


"The flavor I would describe the song as, is Chocolate. Chocolate reminds me of sex, any kind (white, milk or dark). Everybody loves chocolate. If you don't, you haven't had a good piece yet, this is a good piece."

Produced by IFYOURELOST & Yan Snead, #Flavor, Dinner Land Network


Good taste is where it begins. 

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