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Novum x Dinner Land - First Friday

This weekend, Dinner Land ventured south to broaden their horizon in a new city, Philadelphia; a city just as exceptional, passionate, electric, rambunctious, and most of all, creative as their home base in New York City. Both are places that could easily mimic the likings of each other in unique ways. As Dinner Land comes upon a time of expansion, the close in proximity yet distant in cultural connectivity “City of Brotherly Love” has become a perfect migration territory for the team.

As a means of celebrating their introduction to the Philadelphia region, Dinner Land teamed up with Novum for their original “First Friday” party/event/concert series at Open Space (event venue). A conscious choice to join forces in this particular fashion considering “First Friday”, in its short 1.5 years of taking place, leads a legacy that never disappoints. Always a sure fire hit, the backing of Dinner Land only added more hype and curiosity to an already packed house.

Being as though this was the last event before Novum’s mastermind, Dior Stewart, takes a short hiatus, they were sure to go out with a bang. This time around, Novum’s “First Friday” would recognize its past accomplishments and new beginnings. The event honors a new “friend” in Dinner Land Network as well as a full circle phenomenon at Novum by bringing musical talent, Ant Beale, back to the event stage after over a year.

“I was happy to bring him [Ant Beale] back. It's dope to see his progression,” said Stewart.

Although Novum will be taking a break from events, Dior and the Novum team are not on vacation. “I want to take a step back [from throwing events] and see what we can improve on to come back harder,” said Stewart.

He stressed during this short interview that the Novum brand is not exclusive to throwing events. “Events are just our entry point." The Novum team categorizes themselves as an umbrella that is available and accessible to people ready to work and achieve in the creative arts.

Novum is excited to be a new collaborator with Dinner Land. What they have accomplished so far is commendable, but they have promised to kick off Summer 2017 full throttle.

“Come live out your dreams at Novum and Dinner Land, they will all come true.”

-- Dior Stewart

Photographs by Tyriq DeShields


Event Recap

As liquor flowed generously and smoke moved seductively overhead, party goers began to loosen their minds and bodies to the sounds of the culture and Philly via El Train and DJ Vic B. Although doors opened at 7 p.m., it did not take long for the turn up to get crazy, but in the mean time vendors such as, “We Always C” and “Kurkle Dime," opened eyes to new designs in the area. Hosted by Tre Banks and Kim Chanel, “First Friday” was in great hands to keep the party rolling.

Later in the night Ant Beale took the stage to shut it down for his performance off his new project No Rain, No Flowers. The performance was nothing short of electric as he climbed his signature ladder to get a look of the energized crowd ready to turn up along with him. Afterward, the party kept rolling and liquor kept flowing being as though “First Friday," by Novum, was the only place to be on a Friday night!

Stay tuned with Novum x Dinner Land for all the great things to come.















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