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#FlashbackFriday: Best in Podcasts

TGIF! Check out some throwback episodes of Podcasts on Network that we think are worth revisiting! Be sure to subscribe on Soundcloud and iTunes, comment, rate, and share.

The infamous lost battle of the sexes episode: Mell, Kelly, & Daysha join Que in a discussion about prenups, red light specials, man tears, false dick, dating standards + more. There were technical difficulties with the audio file, so the sound isn't the usual quality, but the episode was too good to let it go to waste, enjoy.

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"We originally planned on just having DJ Self in the studio but earlier in the day Beans called and said he had something to get off his chest."

The Broad Street Bully (24:30 Start of Beanie Sigel Interview)was never known to hold back his tongue and in this episode he made sure to let the mac ring. Be safe tho.

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The crew steps out of the proverbial hip-hop box to discuss a few relationship/gender issues. It all started with the crew watching The Coffee Shop's controversial video, "Why Black Men Don't Date Black Women," the discussion leading us into a predictable argument (mostly B. Jones, Jonny Starks and Jamar vs. Yan Snead) -- a perfect segue into the impromptu show recording. Friend of the show, Tiye Bracey also joins in on the conversation. After checking out this episode, be sure to watch The Coffee Shop's video.

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The ladies sat down with Rohan Marley to discuss his legendary family and how he's giving back to his community.

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