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Season Three - The Album

After a monumental third season of original visual and audio content, Dinner Land Sound delivers a sonic boom of flavor in the form of a carefully curated and pristinely produced album -- simply titled, "SEASON THREE: THE ALBUM".

Executively produced by BIRTHDAY and SNNE, the soundsmiths call upon some of the rawest and most innovative artists to capture and bring forth a sound that is loved by the core rap fan, infused with an alternative style designed to leap beyond the borders of hip-hop.

SEASON THREE: THE ALBUM features Marlo DeMore, Chris Wattz, Manolo Rose, Brodie Fresh, Slim Dollars and many more. This piece is a testament to Dinner Land's dedication to providing sounds and vibes that shift the culture and music industry in an upward, positive direction.

This is a Dinner Land Sound Original Presentation.

Produced by BIRTHDAY & SNNE, Dinner Land Network


Good taste is where it begins. 

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