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DJ Auditory "DAMN" C&S

"Ok ok ok . Before you jump on my ass about how I was supposed to drop this Friday…I will go ahead and explain myself. The 1st thing we need to do is blame Thursday. I hosted what I thought would be a very light 4/20 kickback. That shit turned into a zombie apocalypse! I was gonna finish chopping Barter 6 that morning and DAMN that night but noooooo. Boys got stuppppppid high. It was a consistent peak high from 3PM – 10PM with unlimited blunts in rotation. I swear I never stopped inhaling. I was actually kinda proud of the turnout because it ended up being way better than I envisioned. As a result, my productivity took a hit. No need to cry anymore because DAMN (Chopped & Screwed) is here (along with Barter 6 later this week).

I really do love this album man. Good ol’ American Real Nigga Rap. Kendrick is the greatest rapper alive. If you have a problem with it, release it. It’s just the truth. The consistency and potency of all of his songs from his earlier releases in the late 2000s 'til now have been some of the best rap music we’ve heard in this generation of rap. DAMN is one of those albums that you can enjoy sonically AND lyrically, which is a feat in itself. I honestly haven’t taken it out of rotation since I’ve heard it, which is great because when it came time to chop it, I was beyond comfortable with it. The chops for this hoe definitely allow you to sit and really meditate on what he’s rapping about while intensifying those dark moments of the album. It was pretty fun to chop. I can’t even lie. I had tracks that ended up being 10 minutes long but I didn’t even really realize that until I was done. Word on the street is that there’s more music to come from K. Dot this year so let’s keep our fingers crossed on that. Enjoy this in the meantime."

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