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For Those That Don't Know - Podcast

Brooklyn native, David Cobbs, and Flip sat down with Russell North on the For Those That Don't Know podcast for its debut episode. Two years after starting his first tour, Cobbs has recently launched his own agency and is in the middle of the 4 Lovers Only tour, which is a 90s R&B experience that started from a tweet. The two talk about tour management, dating , and the current state of New York night life. North (Skydiver's Club) is a hip- hop head and Bay Area native known mainly for marketing and event production, and is co-producing two dates on the 4 Lovers Only tour with Cobbs. The concept behind the podcast is to discuss relationships in the digital era from the perspective of an entrepreneur. For Those That Don't Know looks to give up-and-coming hustlers industry insight, while providing some laughs simultaneously.

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"Think Big, Dream Bigger"

Produced by Devin Cobbs & Russell North, Dinner Land Network


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