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Premiere - Wolftyla "All Tinted"

wolftyla all tinted dinnerland new music premiere

The most free-spirited woman in music, Wolftyla's first single 'All Tinted' is finally out! Wolftyla is bringing us a big hit for the end of summer and beginning of fall.The video was Directed by McCracken, Co-Directed by Wolftyla and was also produced by RNSM & J-Louis. Wolftyla is a rising star from Queens, New York and she is giving you nothing but vibes with her new video. She first gained prominence as a social media sensation, when she started posting comedic videos on Vine. She has always mentioned that she had passion for music, in getting her audience to recognize her music, she put the vine videos aside and started to focus on making her mark in the music industry. Her music allows any and everyone to vibe out to her music either on the ride home, road trips and even going to you favorite kickback spot. You can not deny that her tone is making ripples on the sea of young rising stars. There's nothing like a smooth and satisfactory melody to merge the summer and fall together.

wolftyla dinnerland premiere

This release marks Wolftyla's return to the music realm. She's been documenting her journey on social media and was recently been photographed with legendary producer, Timberland. There is no denying that Wolftyla might be next year's breakthrough artist. Her style and her energy is right where it needs to be and we look forward to seeing what's next.

Watch the brand new video for "All Tinted" below and let us know what you think about it on twitter.


Charnell Webb, Dinner Land



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