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I Love Dinner

"For the past five years I've always had this indescribable urge inside of me to bring great minds together to create new & exciting things to share with all of you, but over the last few weeks it hasn't been the same. I thought it was something I could fix by rebooting, browsing through the archives, and making some good dinner- but that wasn't it. The things I have in planned for Dinner Land are huge, I need a big team, lots or resources, and lots of time to bring this all together the right way. With great hesitation I've come to the decision that I'm going close Dinner Land for sometime to get everything in order, find purpose, take care of life, rebuild the website, and create a team that loves dinner. We've done so many great things over the years and our journey does not stop here. You know, I don't really mess with any other meals, but consider this a "lunch-break" while I get things together for 2019 and beyond. If you're reading this, thank you! Honestly, all of this has been a dream come true and your belief in our work has been a blessing. I love dinner."



Good taste is where it begins. 

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