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Into The Eyes of DAKARAI

Social media is filled with many hidden talents and there's always room for discovering and showcasing what you find. While I was playing around on Instagram, I came across a page that really drew in my attention. DAKARAI is an artist hailing from Los Angeles who creates digital collages and so much more. His style can be described as surrealism mixed with afrofuturism.

I was interested in knowing more about him and why he does what he does so I took it upon myself to have a brief conversation with him about it.

“My dad was an artist. A very versatile artist at that. He taught me how to create very early on. I would play with art supplies as much as I’d play with toys. At this point I feel like I’d be a loser if I didn’t follow through with that. I feel like it’s my purpose in life to make art. I’ve been doing it for my entire life. It’d be a big disappointment for me to not stay with it.”

“To me, creating is pure expression. It can be from a good or bad place. Creating is language. Personally, I’m not very good with communicating with words so I’m much better with communicating visually.”

“I’m inspired by real life, film, music. Whatever is speaking to me at the time that drives me at the time.”

Follow DAKARAI on Instagram @dk1994

Also check out his website and purchase some of his artwork.

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