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"It was my honor to design the packaging for "Dizzy" by KAS (previously known as Kris Kasanova). Our initial conversations started with the music video and grew into the cover-art and then the digital packaging for the release. The music video was based on a series of visual concepts I thought matched the energy of the song, and we built everything from there. I personally tried a lot of new techniques on the music video and really tried my best to make it look as original as possible. Today's music video trends have honestly taken a lot of the fun out of the experience and I didn't want "Dizzy" to fall into that category" - ShakeVideo

“DIZZY was really created in the mist of this Hot Girl Summer that most of the ladies are running with. I like the idea of the women taking charge, talking trash and really the all around confidence they’ve been having. I wanted to make a record that was embracing instead of doing something that would downplay their success. DIZZY is just being hypnotized by the ladies and giving them credit for it.” - KAS

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