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Premiere - "Gemini" by KAS

"With KAS being from Red Hook, Brooklyn he has managed to form a blend of a straight talk yet soft-spoken flow throughout his career. Among tracks such as "Dizzy" and "187" featuring TrifeDrew detailing as so. Dropping his EP titled "Gemini" in the last quarter of 2019, KAS now is gearing up this first quarter with his short film titled "Gemini" as well set to-be-developed into a web series. Now premiering a cinematic visual that exhibits the cause but, yet the soon come effects of an spontaneous decision. While KAS put together the video treatment, he was also accompanied by Tommy Rebel on direction and editing. KAS is now set to release "Gemini" the web series in 2020."

Watch the first installment of "Gemini" by KAS produced by Tommy Rebel starring Mel & Steveo

Get the full scoop in this exclusive interview with KAS by Felix below.


FC: Was there a message you were trying to get across to your fans with your EP "Gemini"?

KAS: Of course! I wanted to show both sides of myself through the work. "187" showing the aggressive hyper side and "ALL GOOD" showing more of the calm chill vibe that I have as well.

FC: With your short film titled "Gemini", can you elaborate on any inspirations that were taken into accountability while producing this project?

KAS: The inspiration came from a combination of me moving to LA for a little while last year and also coming back to NY feeling like I had so much more to accomplish. I created some really great music in LA. "ALL GOOD" was one of the records. I truly was missing my son so I came back home. Shortly after that me and my little brother TRIFEDREW created "187". So I had a lot of music on my hands but a lot of the pieces that I needed to help push it wasn’t as visible as I needed it to be. I started feeling kind of frustrated and that frustration made me more creative. I came up with this short film to paint the picture of a good guy who gets pushed to his limit and makes a horrible decision. One of my favorite movies is Dead Presidents, so some of the intentions came from that as well.

FC: Why did you choose Tommy Rebel as the director for the first episode of this short film?

KAS: He actually reached out to me some time ago and expressed to me that he was a fan of my work for some time. We spoke on the phone a few times and just as passionate I am about creating music, he is about his visuals. The entire series was really just a rough idea but he made it come to life.

FC: Can you describe your everyday filming process during this web series?

KAS: To be honest it’s still very new. I really didn’t take that much time yet. The people in it are all friends I’ve made newly moving to Bed-Stuy. I told everyone I had an idea and they were down to help. My man Mel really never did anything like this before so it was funny trying to bring out his inner Denzel Washington.

F: What made you start making music?

KAS: I started music really because my pops was into it. He was an artist and I wanted to be like him.

FC: With "Dizzy" premiering on Beats 1 Radio just last year, can you take us to the day when you received the news?

KAS: That day was all love. "DIZZY" was the second song I released coming from LA. I was trying a different sound and setup and for it to be received so well was amazing. Karlie Hustle has always supported me and she sent the record to Ebro and once he co-signed it was love.

FC: With TrifeDrew and you both being Brooklyn ​natives, Can you touch on how you guys developed "187" off of your ep titled "Gemini"?

KAS: When I created the project, TrifeDrew was with me every day when I recorded that. He started crafting his own sound shortly after. So the record was really his but he gave it to me. He kind of jacked my style from a song called "Tryna Make It" when he came up with "187" and said it was only right that the song becomes mine, Circle of life I guess.

FC: What is most difficult with being a Gemini?

KAS: The most difficult part for me is being able to see and understand both sides of someone's intentions. I’m easily forgiving to people around me but not as forgiving to myself.

FC: What is a song in your playlist right now that we wouldn't expect to be in there?

KAS: I like this artist from NJ named Fuzz Rico. She has a song called "Got It", I probably play that song every damn day."

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