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Highbernation Barbie Coloring Book

Greatness Never Settles presents the Highbernation Barbie Coloring Book. A newly designed 10 page coloring adventure with all of your favorite Highbernation characters in action at the Barbie Cannabis Condo.

A word from Big Wayde - "If you know me, you know how much time we put in to conceptualizing and illustrating this Highbernation Barbie Coloring Book. But this agency we’ve built via our work and your support is far from a one trick pony. As everyone is binge watching every series Netflix has to offer and itching left and right for new ways to kill time . I figured I’d do my part, as best I know how."

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Make sure you #Highbernation and tag @BigWaydeGNS for some love & please keep you and your loved ones safe.

Jacob S, Dinner Land


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