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INSIDER - Gramgandhi

#INSIDER - With artists trying to get back on track from pandemic, Gramgandhi has been in the studio and continuing her journey an being experimental with her craft. Gram hails from The Bronx while also being raised in the Poconos, and now she resides in the city of Philadelphia. Living in these well diverse cities, the music scene has challenged her ear to hear different sound and vibes. But she says that she still holds true her Bronx roots and knows that her music will forever live through her city. Read what Gramgandhi has to say about working with some of the best producers on her next project to what artists she would book if she had her own festival.

Gramgandhi Is Making Her Own Lane With Her Eclectic Sound

Charnell: So how have you been handling the pandemic regarding putting out new music?

Gramgandhi: It's defiantly been a little more difficult just because, right before the pandemic I was just the hang of like, go to more performances, more open mics and really just getting out there to perfect my proformance. But once the pandemic hit everything just stopped. That was a big thing for me because that really was a big piece for me with being comfortable in front of a crowd, engaging with people that want to listen to my music. It was sad to no perform for a while.

I definitely understand you urge to gain your audience, but once you got back did you feel the same vibe from the crowds and your fans, once you started performing again?

Once I got back performing I had even more energy than I had before the pandemic, I was just excited to be back on stage. I'm kind going out of my comfort zone a little bit more. And the pandemic did have a role in that, its a feeling where you it was fun but now lets take it up a notch. It's different but its fun!

Being born in the Bronx, and being raised in the Poconos and now living in Philadelphia, how has that changed you view on music and how you listen to music?

My music taste is extremely eclectic now, even in my my family just in the Bronx they listen to so many different things, like my Mom, Dad and sister. But definitely going out to the Poconos and all you hear is soft rock, pop and things like that on the radio. I didn't listen to much of the radio but you had your outlets back then like Limewire and Napstar where you really had to go out there and look for your music to download. Something would be hot in New York but it wouldn't hit the Poconos until 2 weeks later. We were really in school asking about if they heard the newest songs. I really feel like searching for music is what sparked my intrest. But I love my New York music. But Philly has some of the best artist.

What catches you ear when you listening to a handful of beats and gives you that inspiration to want to write or record a song?

I still really have the eclectic ear so when I hear a beat and it sparks that emotion in you. I like the beats that help me bring out that emotion. For example like a sound that's big and theatrical sounds. Its hard because it all over the place. I listen to like 30-50 beats. I feel bad when I haves bests sent to me but I when I feel that one song I will record. When you do find that beat its so worth it.

Is your song 'Rain On Me' a new single or is that just your latest single? Because what is the backstory behind you sampling that legendary song from SWV?

That is my single that is on all streaming platforms but my latest is called 'Stan'. And that song [Rain On Me] was one of those ones from when I first heard it I immediately knew. It had that New York vibe to it but also that old school like soulful sound to it. And I was going through this relationship at the time and I was like okay, "Rain On Me" with a twist- got it! My single 'Stan' was a process, 'Stan' has been around for 3 years it was based off of a different relationship. I wanted to talk my shit and that's what that song was about. With my album that I'm working on now, its comprised of some of my older music that I'm revamping and making more current. Hopefully releasing in Fall/Spring.

So its festival season right now, If you could have your own festival line up who are the few people you would have on your stages?

That's a good question. I would definitely have Megan THEE Stallion, Amaarae, Summer Walker, Babytatee and some of my friends on the stage. Bia, Bummy Barbi, Key Jawn with he green hair. It would be all women festival, with special guest Drake lol.

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