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INSIDER - Bhrama Bull

#INSIDER - From the looks of things you would think that Bhrama Bull was from the West Coast, but you wouldn't believe that he is originally from the East Coast, Philadelphia to be exact. Bhrama Bull has been in the producing realm for quite some time now and he recently took the time out of his busy day and talked to us about some of his influences and how he came up with his unique producer name.

Producer Bhrama Bull Is Challenging Himself By Silently Competing

Charnell: Listening to most of your music I can hear a little southern influence. Do you have a major connection with the South regarding production?

Bhrama: Well, the south is targeted on my recent project called 'The Ratio' and I used to do a lot of shows at SXSW. I met a lot of Texas and Southern Texas, Houston artists that came from all over but being there for four and five years straight I started to link up with artists with that sound, through show promotion. While I was producing I was doing other things like show pro while also putting on shows for SXSW. You know just staying busy, and link up with all of those artists and that sound sort of got ingrained in me. I've found myself almost moving to Atlanta a couple of times because of that. They are so friendly and they always find a way to bring you in. I felt a lot of love in Atlanta, it's a lot of love there, it's just different.

Charnell: Tell me about your producer name? Its definitely a unique name and I feel like the background story is a good one.

Bhrama: I'm the type of person that doesn't read the manual for YouTube. So, I couldn't get the anything down so I found myself at the NFL Films database. You know that NFL Films has some ties to Philadelphia. There were different announcers I was listening to, there were so many prominent voices in the system. But, I came across this one sound "Bhrama Bull' and I kept replaying the sound over and over. I did some research on how

strong [Larry Morris] was and he was pretty much described as the Rock, who was pretty popular. But the name is more about how aggressive the sound effect was and what he did. I was rambling and my boy was with me and he said 'he loved it' so I made it a drop and the name was with me ever since.

Charnell: With you born and raised on the East Coast and now living in LA, with Southern ties. How do you merge your worlds and translate so many sounds for production?

Bhrama: I would say vinyls would be the first thing, I'm a collector. The figure out the different sounds and studying each producers and where they're from and just like the sound of underground and now. Bridging the hybrid. You know I like bass in my beats, I try to blend the elements of Tay K's and the new stuff and try to bring it to the underground and make it my own space. Basically my influences is from older records and off of past music that is classic and where I can combine the elements of the past. I am a sample producer, not all my beats are sampled but I love old music and kind of bringing it back to life with my fresh new take on it that I know artists will like. I try to pull from my mentors and make my own sound. The new version from a past great.

Charnell: On your new record 'The Ratio', was it intentional that you featured all Houston rappers? or when you were done you saw that all the rappers you brought in where from Houston?

Bhrama: Yes, it was intentional. I had like 30 tracks and I was changing distribution companies. If you know, that kind of sucks, you have to sign all the music over and I sign a distribution deal. Big shout out to Symphonic Distribution. There were certain things they allowed me to do where I didn't have letters on my cover where I could make them more artistic. I tried to upload through the testing process with 'The Ratio" with Ron, Ease, Phil and Rich and I just uploaded what I wanted. I was like, let's make a Texas feeling record. A lot of people were telling me that the title track was really strong so we did this to buy ourselves some time during the whole distribution process. That's how that played out.

Charnell: How do stay focused in a place such as LA, where you have other producers being well connected in the industry. Most people say 'It's not what you know it's who you know'. What keeps you motivated?

Bhrama: I start off listening to old music and try to see how I can make that new. Its hard when your a producer, because it's a computers job and your not out mingling and finding connects. It's hard, I just try to stay consistent. I use my friends to motivate me and a other people. Also just pure competition, I silently compete and silently advance as much as I can.

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