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INSIDER - Cash Sinatra

Cash Sinatra Didn't Know Rapping Would Take Him This Far, There's No Turning Back Now

#INSIDER - Hailing from Brooklyn with a dash of Queens, Cash Sinatra brings you his street edge and his upgraded lyrics to a stage where almost everyone is open to new perspectives on music. Cash has been rapping since a young age, from showcasing his talents in front of his middle school peers to recognizing his passion in college. Cash wants to let everyone know feel his music from the stories he keeps in his 'Diary'. With his latest single talking his perspective of his relationships you can hear that he is not holding back. I had the chance to interview Cash Sinatra and get a better understanding of how he got started to where he is taking his next steps in the game.

Charnell Webb: Great to meet you, Would love to know a little bit about your background and how you started your rap career?

Cash Sinatra: Great meeting with you as well, honestly I've been rapping my entire life [since elementary school] like 8 or 9 years old. I remember my first experience wasn't even an original piece of mine. I performed a Lil Bow Wow song that not a lot of people knew. Because Bow Wow was originally supposed to be like a young gangsta rapper. So, he had a couple of songs that not many people were privy too. So, I performed one of his songs in elementary school. I performed it so well that people thought it was mine lol. After that I started writing my own stuff because my brother started doing music in the streets of Brooklyn. I later on found my way in rap. But, I didn't take it seriously until I was like 21 years old. I was like 'oh shit' this is something I can actually do.

Charnell: So, how would you describe your sound in music? How's it different than what we hear now?

Cash: It's like, real life stories turned into 'Bops' or 'Vibes'. Most about my personal experiences and relationships and life situations. This time around I've been leaning toward a lot of toxic material. I've been in a lot of situationships and putting it in my music and videos. A little lyrical version of what Future does but not too intense lol.

Charnell: Pretty unique combination. Does coming out of Brooklyn influence the music you put out? Who do you grab inspiration from?

Cash: So, I was born in Brooklyn, East New York til I finished middle school and in high school I moved to Queens. So, pretty much I really claim Queens. Because people say where you went to high school is where you're from. Brooklyn and Queens but mainly Queens. And it definitely influences a lot as far as your swag, as far as your style, as far as how I say my words and things I might mention and the slang I use. You can definitely hear the influence of Brooklyn and Queens and New York City as a whole in my music.

Charnell: Your video for your single 'Diary' is premiering. What is the song premise? A actual diary entry or one of your relationship experiences?

Cash: The premise is that I am the girls secret and she's keeping me hidden like the secrets in her diary. Story is, we're not known to the public and between me and you we are who we are. Just like Alicia Keys' 'Diary' but flipped it into my own version. The video is playing on that as well. I have a main and a side in the video and if you put it all together you have my interpretation of situationships.

Charnell: Do you plan on pushing an upcoming project anytime soon?

Cash: This single, this video that's out is part right now is off a project that I put out back in February that's called 'Love like the 90's', where its basically all R&B samples from the 90's where I flipped and made my own version. There's a couple of drill flips on there, just because of the times right now. But, I put it in the Sinatra way, its not your average drill song. Just like this song [Diary]. Originally, the background with me releasing this song is that I am now working on a project that's called 'Don Tapes' like on some Italian Don shit, you know what I mean. Taking on a new character. Meanwhile, I have a Sprite Deal and they are about to push out my 'Diary' song and a couple others like this new Coi Leray song 'The One' that just dropped. I decided to shoot the video and drop it. Now I am focusing on this new character [Don] in a way.

Charnell: You said that you are the new artist for the Sprite Limelight campaign. What does that intel for you as an artist?

Cash: Sprite has a campaign called Sprite Way or Sprite Artist, it's been out since the 90's. Historical people have been apart of it in the past. Drake was a part of it back in the day as an early artist and now Coi Leray is apart of it as well. So, what they do is they bring creatives together and their whole goal is to bring black creatives together, who may not have the brightest light on them. They help us along the way. Its essentially a marketing deal. Alot of good opprotunites comes out of this. They recently sat us up on Zoom with producers. Recently, we sat down with 2 Chainz' label The REAL University (a.k.a. The Real U, a.k.a. T.R.U.). Sprite also puts us on multiple playlists and it has a really good outcome for artists such like myself.

Charnell: That's great! Well I thank you taking the time to interview with me! It was a pleasure.

Cash: Thank you, this was one of the smoothest interviews I've had!

Charnell Webb, Dinner Land



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