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Premiere - Boobie Holiday "Lipstick"

Boobie Holiday premiere's his visual for "Lipstick", check out the second installment from the Friends Killing Friends Trilogy.

"I am Boobie Holiday, spiritual adviser to the wayward Ford Model, and sad trap pornstar on the weekends. I hate this genre, but when you kill all of your lead actors and actresses in your debut short film one can only blame self. I've been hard at work in Queens, NY reinventing myself as an artist and filmmaker, and without a doubt I can say that I provide a product similar to that of a young Joaquin Guzman. Following the release of "Crybaby" and "Olive," our camp is finally ready to unleash "Lipstick" starring Sarah Thaw (@LilSaracha). "Lipstick" isn't your run of the mill homophobic gun PSA, Holiday takes viewers on a three minute excursion into hell. The haunting Lykke Li sample, blares as Director Balint Oltvai unveils the kidnapped Holiday and Saracha desperately trying to escape their fate at the hands of their captor. This is part 2 of the Friends Killing Friends Trilogy, part 3 will conclude at the end of November this year."



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