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Premiere - MoneySign Hines "Whats The Vibes"

Coming out of New York, the Bronx to be exact MoneySign Hines debuts his first single 'What’s the Vibes' off his newly released project From Lego to Legacy. For the rapper's first project, he wants to take his fans on a walk through his own mental space, as he depicts a day in the life of an average Black woman in America. When you listen to the project you will hear that every song is extremely in-depth. To be open and personal with his fans is something he takes seriously. From Lego to Legacy takes you on a ride through his personal life and obstacles he's overcome. With his debut record 'What's the Vibe', he sheds light on a multitude of topics such as mental health and self love.

'What's The Vibe' embodies the imagery and emotion of all Black Kings and Queens around the world. Every verse of the song depicts the strength of Black Men and Woman stemming from either trauma they have been through or overcame. Also, the way the video was directed, Vanice Alexander, brings the song to life with every frame. From Hines laying on the bed upside down, and the woman (Shanna.Kae) pacing through the room and multiplying. The video was so fluid and made every word of the song believable. Hines is extremely talented and his music speaks for itself.

Check out 'What’s the Vibe' here and listen to From Lego to Legacy, which is available now on all streaming platforms.

Charnell Webb, Dinner Land


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