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Part of the Process

I heard a battle rapper say "Philly aint been shit since A.I. left"

and I felt it because we really aint been shit since A.I. left

but this process

this process that they made me believe in

this process that I trust

Sam Hinkie's dream

the dream that was sold to Joel Embiid on that warm summer night in June a few years

the dream that seemed more like reality watching Ben Simmons lead the fast break

the dream that felt so real when Jimmy Butler had the ball in the closing second

the dream that turned into a nightmare with a few bounces around the rim on a spring day in Toronto

was this all part of process?

I loved this team

me and Embiid shed the same tears, even made the same crying face

I'm sad they wont look this way next year to run it back

but I guess that's all a part of the process

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