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PSO Kwama's voice and sound of music gives off Blxst with a little bit of Andre 3000. Very unique and honest, that seems to be very rare in todays music. PSO Kwama has been apart of the collective PSO (Player Shit Only) since the early 2000's and need looked another way since. The collective was founded by PSO Meoki, who made PSO Kwama the co-founder, al while making music he has put in the time to make a name for himself in the music industry. I had the honor to speak with PSO Kwama and got to take a look on upcoming projects and even his views on relationships that have inspired some of the music off his 'Shades of Blue' EP.

PSO Kwama Talks House Music and Where He Wants To Take His Next Project

Charnell: I love your EP 'Shades of Blue', I have been rocking to it for like a week now and its amazing. So I want get into your move from Brooklyn to Dallas. How did that change effect your music sonically?

Kwama: I'm not to mad at that lol, thank you. But, I didn't start making music until I moved to Texas. So, I can't say moving here to Dallas really took part in my sound because I don't really sound like a Texas native artist anyway.

Charnell: What does the title of your EP 'Shades of Blue' mean to you?

Kwama: Well, there's multiple different meanings.They say the true color of our blood is blue and once it touches the oxygen it turns red. It's kind of like, this is me at my purest form of being vulnerable. This is just another way of me being me and not sugarcoating how I feel and what I feel.

Charnell: I know it took you a couple of months to put this project together, because it was based off of a previous relationship. Would you say this is your therapy release/ session to your listeners?

Kwama: By Far. That's funny, I tried looking for a therapist but I was like, no I'm going to the studio. Fuck that lol.

Charnell: What song do you resonate with the most?

Kwama: I will have to go with Gemini Pride I think that third verse is like my heart beat.

Charnell: Will you be releasing any new projects soon?!

Kwama: Yeah, I have a two song house EP or 2 song pack. I'm currently working on dropping in July or mid late July and I'm working on 'Shades of Blue pt 2' and I want to closeout the summer with that. It will be like 5 songs. The first part of 'Shades of Blue' I'm in my feelings and with the other part I'm focusing on the woman's point of view.

Charnell: With you going in the direction of house music, in the state of where Beyonce and Drake are taking that do you feel that your sound would be like that or will you still put your hip hop/ r&b side on the track as well?

Kwama: I have messing around with house beats since 2014 -16, like on my project called 'Gemini EP' I have two house joints on there. One is called "Slow" and "Feel like". I've been in that melodic rap space for a long time and I feel like just naturally it gravitated me toward house music. That's really my pocket, originally I started out over boombap beats and people were comparing me to Joeybada$$, so I had to learn to use my voice as an instrument and while doing that I was able to find my melodic sound. I love that Drake and Beyonce, who are some of the biggest artist in the world is putting house on a mainstream platform but there's been great artists making great hours music for years. House really never went anywhere. And I don't think House was every mainstream, it has always been a underground thing. But I love that its coming to the forefront so that the average listener can now go back and fo history and say "Oh this has been here all this time." What I dislike is that people are giving them credit for something that has already been here. Now I'm like damn, what about Azealia Banks, Goldlink, what about all these people. So I was like how y'all going tossup over that shit. The Chances, Monte Booker and Vic Mensa. All of them been in that space, we got to give them their flowers. But yeah, my project will be dropping July. I got this one song coming out that's called "You Know What It Is' it has the the potential to be a hit. Whenever I play it people look at me different so this is one of those.

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