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Premiere - "Right Back" KAS feat. Kaye Fox

Amidst the tough times 2020 has thrown at us, we can say that music has been the one thing that made sense. Brooklyn native, Kris Kasanova who is known as KAS, chose to capitalize on this time to lay down his sonic groundwork. In doing so, he earned the title of ARTIST TO WATCH from SoundCloud, has gained recognition from media giants BET, Hot97, FADER. KAS is leaping forward with his upcoming release ‘Long Story Short’ produced by Grammy-nominated English producer Harmony Samuels; who has produced hits for a multitude of artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo to name a few. Samuels also produced Ariana Grande's debut hit single "The Way"

Earlier this year KAS showcased not only his versatility but his skills and appreciation for rap and hip hop. KAS’ artistry, witty craft shoes that he was born in a time where you can always maneuver into any position in the hip hop game. He now presents his visual art for the project’s opening track, RIGHT BACK featuring Kaye Fox.

The video directed by Tommy Rebel takes place in his hometown of Red Hook. The juxtaposition of a muscle car melting rubber in an empty parking lot against the backdrop of a dancer spinning angelically with pinpoint precision, almost as if it’s to mimic the tread-marked circles left by the car, lends itself to two sides of KAS.

With having such a phenomenal year in the face of adversity, he dedicates this video to his fans and family for all their support during these strange times. All that’s left to see is what 2021 has to offer him and more.



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