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Staff Review - Jhene Aiko

Staff Review - Jhene Aiko by Felix Colon

"Coming off a hiatus Jhene Aiko has finally given her fans her self titled junior album “Chilombo”, after a 3 year gap with her sophomore album “Trip” dropping in 2017. This is not out of character for her at all being that the gap between “Souled Out” her debut album and “Trip” her sophomore album was 3 years as well. With this junior album she is even more sexual,spiritual, and explosive than ever. Such as features from H.E.R. stating things such as “He be coming through with it I hope you cool with it, I just met your roommate put him on my to-do list”. A surprise to some but not to many, Jhene is giving her fans a side of her they have patiently waited for with this album."

Check out her most recent music for "Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)" ft. Future, Miguel

Felix Colon, The Sound Series

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