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After a few weeks of getting everything in order we've officially announced that our next multimedia release will be M9 scheduled for January 2019. You can expect a spew of snarky aesthetics, some good ol' fashioned video content, and a bunch of new exciting things we're creating for you. Who's hungry? [Click]

While we're talking about hot and new things NASA has released some world record-breaking photos from it's Parker Solar Probe. This is the closest we've ever been to a star (well at least a real star, not some model with 10k followers). Enjoy this first piece of "Content From The Sun" - for more sauce check out our media stream.

Know any Singers, Rappers, or Producers? Tell them to stop by The Sound Series every Thursday at 727create in Brooklyn, Powered by The Rapfest & Gryndfest Radio. It's FREE to perform, just bring your music on a USB and you'll be in good shape. RSVP for $5 Reduced Admission #BringYourOwnBars [Info]

IYL, Dinner Land


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