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TONE 444 Vol 2 - TIGGI

We’re so grateful that this week we got to chop it up with Tiggi, an LA based producer who has credits on projects by 21 Savage, Kehlani, Drake, Travis Scott, Isaiah Rashad, & more.

He recently earned his first Diamond certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for Location by Khalid; a feat that most people don’t see in their lifetime. For context, there are only 78 people that have gone Diamond in history!

Have you heard Greece by Drake? Or Monster by 21 Savage? That was him. We spoke about his interests and what he envisions for the future of the music industry.

1. We know you’re a musician, but many don’t know you’re also a carpenter; and have structured entire music studios from scratch. What’s that like?

“It’s difficult to balance right now. In this moment, simply because of the up and downs with the music industry. I can’t focus on building as much as I want to and like I should. I feel like I’ll be doing that [carpentry] indefinitely once I make that official mark in the industry. I’m just doing more groundwork.

Yeah, the two go hand in hand. It’s the same thing with two different degrees. I look at it the same way as building beats from scratch. It gives me peace of mind in a sense.”

2. What’s a part of your creative process that you can never skip?!

“Starting off with a blank canvas and having anxiety every time.. but that’s the crazy part. It [the canvas] really decides if it’s gonna be good or bad. It’s a weird feeling.

Woah.. you’re right. You can’t skip the start. More oftentimes than not, starting is the hardest part.

“Well yeah. The blank canvas part. The blank canvas phase. That shit is difficult. Getting past that is hard. You have so many emotions going through your head and sometimes having negative thoughts impacts how the outcome is.

…or you can simply make it beautiful.”

3. Earlier you mentioned the ups and downs of the music industry, what is something you wish more aspiring musicians would realize about the industry?

“Tread lightly because it’s not what it seems… especially when looking from the outside. Shit is not the same as it used to be. Believe in what you do and don’t let other n*ggas tell you what’s good & what’s bad. And when you make a decision, stick with it because these n*ggas will downplay your craft for sure. Just stay consistent and believe in what you do. Push forward as much as you can. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel when you look at it that way. I mean… that’s what I do.”

4. What do you think about the future of the music industry within the metaverse?

“The future of music is very interesting. I feel like everybody will be able to have their own platform. So, all that gatekeeping sh*t won’t be the same. It’s weird. It’s the most secure way for artists to be connected to their fans.

Exactly, because they would be able to interact with real people from the safety of their own space.

“It’s crazy to think about, but its powerful. It’s very new so it’s gonna take a minute, but when it does [actualize] it’ll go crazy. It’s a secret, but I’m already working on some amazing ideas in the Oculus. You (me, Natalie :P ) are one of the few people I know who is tapped in with this metaverse sh*t.”

But, of course.

Before we get out of here, drop a shameless plug:

“Four Seasons Records.”

That’s it?


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