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TONE 444 Vol 4 - Tund3

This week, for TONE444, I introduce to you Tund3, a Nigerian artist based in South Florida whose musical ability, as well as lively music videos make him a rising star to watch. His work has landed him Visual of the Year by the Miami Entertainment Awards for his song ‘How Do you Want It.’ You may have seen him featured in Elevator magazine performing at Rolling Loud back in 2019. We spoke briefly about his roots, Kanye West, and his creative process with music & music vids.

How has growing up in south Florida influenced your sound?

“I was born in Miami, but I lived about eight years in Nigeria, then moved back. My sound has been influenced by a variety of people & things… So it’s never really just one. It’s never just Florida that inspires me. I’m influenced by afro beats & rap. Sometimes I’ll release an afro beats song just to switch it up. I also try to make the best visuals to go with my songs. I make sure my visuals are up to par so even if the song doesn’t grab your attention right away, the visual always will.”

Who is an artist from any period that you wish you could have met?

“Kanye West because last night I had a dream about meeting him at a festival and me following him around. He had no security. I don’t remember how, but when I met him, I introduced myself. For some odd reason I met him, and I told him I’m an artist and I’m trying to make it. He told me he has ‘no manager and I walk with myself and answer to nobody.’ I was just walking with him hanging with him at the festival. I don’t remember how it ended. I didn’t even take a pic with him or anything. It was weird.”

Which phase of Kanye would you like to meet??

“Twisted Fantasy, and the Pablo & Yeezus era.”

You’re super creative. Where do you find you find most of your inspiration amidst a creative block?

“To be honest… I don’t look for inspiration through writer’s block. I just go outside and experience life. I feel like if I experience writer’s block, I just need to experience life and come right back to it. I know some people have different ways of coping with it, but that’s just my way.”

I agree. Lastly, how would you say social media has been beneficial for your career?

“Through social media I’ve been able to reach out to a bigger fan base; and I put my music out at a much faster rate. I can literally just drop music whenever and have my fans keep up with me.”

Shameless plugs:

“Shoutout to Yves Dairy. Shoutout to Tribe MIA: that’s the gang. That’s the group. And…. Shoutout to me.”

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